is Feed?

FEED Token is a cryptocurrency created in the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) that hit the market in April 2021, which allows for enormous potential growth in the near future.

FEED token was created and works in the BSC, which means that every transaction is registered in BSC Scan. BSC is also endorsed by BNB coin (the cryptocurrency of Binance) BNB is in the top 3 of importance as far as Market Cap is concerned, located only behind Bitcoin and Ethereum.

FEED has a specific purpose: fight against world hunger. Every transaction made using FEED, sends tokens to the charity wallet (which makes frequent donations to foundations who fight hunger around the world).


Total supply

100.000.000 FEED Tokens.


3% of each transaction will be redistributed to all holders, in proportion to the number of tokens they own.

Auto liquidity

2% of each transaction will contribute to the liquidity pool.

Initial liquidity
locked for a year.

Ownership rights on
the contract are renounced.

Team wallet / Charity / Marketing

and angel investors vested from the Smart Contract.

Road Map

• Launch of the BETA website • Launch on social networks • Token development • Airdrop • Presale • Incorporation of $ FEED in Pancakeswap - Launch! • Audit at Techrate • Launch of our official website • Launch of the White Paper • Our first DONATION to a foundation fighting hunger
• Our first DONATION to a foundation against world hunger • Launch our final website • Blockfolio listing • Coinmarketcap listing • Coingecko listing • Official White Paper • Becoming a legal entity • Having logo and price available on Trust Wallet • Keep donating to foundations against world hunger • Merch store (all profits go to charity wallet)
• Being listed on CEX exchange • Partnership with certified charity institutions • Promote $FEED in the mainstream media • Start our $FEED Foundation
• Partnership with celebrities to take $FEED globally • Being listed on a major exchange • Launch the $FEED projects (finance research and development projects to fight hunger) • Implement additional uses for $FEED


Holding means to buy an asset to keep it, or to have it saved. Each transaction that is carried out with FEED has a commission of 5%.

From that 5%, 2% goes directly to the liquidity pool, which sustains the coin and therefore makes
it more stable. The remaining 3% goes directly to the holders, that is, your FEED wallet! That 3% is
distributed proportionally among all of those who have FEED.

In other words, the longer you hold FEED, the more coins you are going to accumulate in your wallet. Thus being able to use FEED as an investment similar to a monthly income, from which you can extract a part, all of it, or simply leave your new coins to continue capitalizing.

FEED works in the safest and most transparent way on the market. This is because:

  • It has had 2 successful audits (TechRate and SolidityFinance) even before it was launched in the
  • As soon as it was possible, the property rights on the contract were renounced (this ensures that
    its founders cannot modify the contract to their own benefit in any way)
  • Each transaction and movement that affects FEED can be found in BSC Scan.
  • The identities of its founders and the initial team are published here
  • FEED has a total and fixed supply of 100 million coins. It does not burn coins, nor will any more coins be created/minted in the future.
  • Every time someone invests in FEED, they earn the right to vote on the important decisions of
    FEED’s present and future, in proportion to the amount of FEED they own. Voting is done through https://snapshot.org/#/

Copyright FEED Token LLC 2021 Desarrollado por Rene Conversi

Copyright FEED Token LLC 2021 I Desarrollado por Rene Conversi